Collective effort – an initiative with a future proof vision on fashion and Retail.
We rethink the way fashion is made, sold, worn and reused. We offer solutions for the industry and consumers.


It is our purpose to radically rethink and redesign consumption.

The world is addicted to growth, progress and efficiency, and these traits are often endlessly optimized at the expense of human rights and entire ecosystems. We see it as our goal to change the current thinking and status quo of consumption and to establish a socially responsible organization that supports system change at scale.

We support a minimalistic lifestyle with maximum comfort and joy. Buying new products, no matter how green they are, will not necessarily make the world a better place. A more intensive use of products by sharing the product with more people will reduce the need for new resources. Extending the lifetime of a product requires high quality and durable aesthetics.

We focus on circular fashion and innovative Retail. The way in which clothing is made, sold, worn and reused must radically change and be attractive and profitable for all stakeholders. Therefor we introduce a new business concept with a future proof vision, founded on ESG goals. Collaboration at scale, circularity, transparency, and a shared value system are at the core of our business.


It is our mission to make circular business models in fashion attractive, accessible, and profitable solutions for the industry, the society, and the public. Balancing purpose and profit.

Collective Effort is a disruptive initiative that promotes the transition from linear to circular economy for consumers and industry. COLLECTIVE EFFORT consists of a business branch and a foundation. The Business has 2 domains: B2B and B2C. The Foundation is an important pillar that works on jointly determined strategic and social goals from the start.



We offer a
Business-to-Business Platform solution for lease and rental (software as a service).


Is as a central knowledge partner for system change aligned with the mission and goals of Collective Effort


Our consumer centred business is an inspiring and future proof Retail experience, both physical and digital.


The B2C part of COLLECTIVE EFFORT is an innovative Retail experience in which digital and physical work completely hybrid. Created with the aim of making an impact in the field of circularity at the 'consumer level'.

The physical location of COLLECTIVE EFFORT is an all-in-one destination, where it serves as a one-stop-shop and a place of inspiration for a circular lifestyle. These locations are innovative and are all about experiences. The physical world is focused on the needs of the consumer of the future and offers more than only fashion.

We believe in combining food, lifestyle & work. The today's consumer lives in a blended world in which the lines between these three concepts are blurred. Corona has accelerated this process, which is why we believe that the timing for such a concept is now better than ever. Consumers want more than just making transactions in the retail landscape. She wants an experience in which all senses are stimulated. Customers can spend a large part of their time enjoying food, art, design, and services focused on the needs of the consumer of the future.

The digital environment is an extension of our physical locations. The digital environment meets rational needs: fast, efficient and gives the consumer more control. We also see significant future growth in the digital environment, making it an important focus of COLLECTIVE EFFORT.


Our Business 2 Business branch focuses on offering Platform solutions, software as a service (clothing-as-a-service) and consultancy. A One-for-all solution for businesses. We are developing a lease and rental platform for our B2C that we also make accessible to the industry. The consultancy is aimed at offering companies tailor-made support in introducing Lease & Rental concepts. The software tool will be expanded with logistics service.

With this lease platform, Collective Effort offers a solution behind the scenes for both linear and circular concepts. Collective Effort offers a solution to offer lease and rent profitably in their current structure. This new form of offering and consuming fashion will not be profitable for many companies to set up alongside their current business model.

By using 1 platform and 1 system with many brands and retailers together, we all benefit from scalability. We generate more data, so more knowledge about the consumer. We also offer a tailor-made and dynamic pricing model. Many lease providers opt for a fixed price per rental or lease period. The B2B team will work closely with Foundation. Foundation takes a closer look at consumer behavior through research.

The software as a service extends beyond just an IT tool. Renting or leasing clothing requires reversed logistics. Think of a central warehouse where Take Back, Cleaning and Repair and Pricing are organized on a scale. The Tooling will be operational within 1.5 years. The B2C branch will be included in the pilot phase with its own brand. The aim is for leasing and rental to become a normal and common form of clothing consumption that can be applied on a larger scale for many product groups and consumers.


Central partner for system change and mindset shift.

The Foundation is committed to a future-proof fashion industry that is good for people, society and the environment and will actively contribute to achieving the circular ambitions that the Netherlands stands for. Foundation will focus on all those involved in the entire chain: the Public, Industry, Government and Education & Research labs. The Foundation will actively focus on system change within the fashion industry and behavioral change in the consumer; in the first place from linear to circular.

The Foundation's mission is to act as a catalyst for positive mind set shift with respect to new business models such as Take Back, Recommerce and PaaS. The Foundation also wants to offer support and develop knowledge to make Future Proof Design and Design for Cyclability 'the new normal'.

The main idea behind the Foundation is collaboration. The ambition is not necessarily to set up a stand-alone organization / business unit, but to solve the challenges in the transformation to a circular fashion industry together with other actors in the industry. The Foundation will work on a research agenda that addresses problems / issues that are perceived from within the business and from society.

The Foundation is currently in an exploratory phase in which it is researching the status and results of existing projects and initiatives. Based on issues from its own business cases and learnings from existing projects, Foundation will draw up its agenda and start projects.


We operate according to the universal circular economy policy goals (by Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation) and SDG 12 is our key sustainable development goal.

Our circular guidelines

Product as a service - We will take up the challenge of replacing the concept of "ownership" with "usership". When fashion is offered as a service, companies retain ownership and control over the products and the end-of-life solutions.

Extending product life - Extend the life of a product by increasing quality and enabling multiple cycles.

Design for cyclability - By already thinking about multiple cycles for the product in the initial phase, the design phase, a product can last longer. This does not necessarily have to be recycling. Designing for reuse will necessitate the demand for higher quality clothing.

Community building - We create and continue to build a community of stakeholders made up of individuals and partners with a shared vision and values and who are jointly responsible for formulating and manifesting them.



This ambitious plan was created by a team of eight very different fashion and business professionals. We combine entrepreneurship and an attractive vision on fashion and retail with achieving our ESG goals.

We started as a team with a common vision to actively change the fashion industry and at the same time build a successful profitable company. Offering attractive fashion without exhausting people and the planet. We have worked closely together on this plan, have done a lot of research and will all remain involved in the organization. We have in-depth knowledge of the market and love well-designed high-quality fashion and have a passion for system and product innovations and new retail concepts.

The team has broad expertise in many areas within fashion Retail and Wholesale at management and board level. There is also extensive expertise within this team in the field of circular fashion. Strengths and competences are well balanced in this team, which means that all pillars to deliver high performance are safeguarded.


Would you like to join us, support us or learn more about our mission?

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