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Invest in our multi-brand rental platform &-Onwards and fashion rental services.
It is our ambition to become the largest fashion rental platform in the Netherlands.
More choice. More quality. More circularity. More experiences.
We want to inspire the world to own less clothes without compromising on style. Own less, experience more.
We offer fashion as a service: convenient, attractive and affordable.

Why do consumers become users of our services?

Attractive, innovative & affordable

An average closet is full of unworn pieces. High-quality fashion is not affordable for many of us or shopping is just not that much fun anymore. It takes time, space, and money.

Our shopping habits affect people and the planet. Consumers are looking for attractive, innovative and affordable options to optimise their fashion needs.

Growing demand rental

Research shows that in addition to young consumers, more and more people are interested in subscription models.

We aim to reach professionals at every stage of their career: early, mid, late, or post-career. People who love high-quality pieces, a good fit and great design.

We offer familiar and new brands to discover and the service to try new styles every month. Without having to own a thing.


Consumers or 'users' of our fashion service, save time, space and money. They are provided premium fashion at a fraction of the regular retail price.

Users choose what suits them best. Subscribe, rent or buy pre-rented. We take care of the rest: 2way shipping, clothing care and new items every month.

Market potential

A future-proof economy is a circular economy. By 2050, the Netherlands needs to be 100% circular. In addition to the environmental and social impact, the circular economy offers enormous market potential of up to ¢ 4,5 trillion by 2030. Renting (or borrowing) clothing is becoming increasingly popular, as the Dutch Financial Daily newspaper fd.nl headlined last year. According to research firm GlobalData, the clothing rental market is growing on average by 20% per year. Fashion currently represents 6% of the global subscription market and is rapidly expanding.

  • The rise of platforms is changing the retail landscape
  • Customers want to buy from companies who stand for something bigger than profits
  • Retailers take new approaches to cutting costs and driving profitable growth
  • As customers focus on availability over selection, all signs suggest platforms will thrive


Next funding needed

As team COLLECTIVE EFFORT, we are constantly innovating the circular business model and services. Even though IT is at the core of our organisation, we are an online-to-offline business, with several tangible processes. These processes include reverse logistics, cleaning and repairing methods, merchandise optimisation, garment quality and durability. To be truly valuable to society, environment, and business these processes require improvement and scale.

To achieve the necessary scale and impact, we need more capital. Fashion-as-a-service is a promising and future-proof business model. We are expanding our business and growing our customer base via &-ONWARDS. New investments are needed for scaling up and expending our multi-brand rental service in 2024.

To achieve these ultimate milestones you are invited to fund and support us as an investor!


Are you interested in funding-the-future-in-fashion?

Contact Richard van den berg or the other investors for more information via;



Invest in a future-proof fashion service

For investors updates, information or valuable contacts, feel free to contact Richard van den Berg

Richard van den Berg+ 31 (6) 21407118


Arentsburghlaan 38. 
2275TS Voorburg
The Netherlands, Europe

Diverse and highly experienced team

COLLECTIVE EFFORT is founded by a team of fashion and business professionals with a shared vision and mission, all highly motivated to activate system change. The current team has broad expertise in many areas within fashion retail and business consultancy on management and board level. Strengths and competences are well balanced, which means that all pillars to deliver high performance are safeguarded.

Meet the team


Do you have a question, would you like to collaborate or do you want to share something? Please contact Nicole Speksnijder, she will be happy to help you.

+31 (0)6 510 484 28
Crown Business Center
A. Hofmanweg 5a
2031 BH Haarlem
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